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2010 october 14

Inactivity-inactivity. Death. Despair. Solitude. Doom. Nah, not that bad. But let’s say ESR is on hold for a few months, officially. You can contact us/me still, revamping is in proccessssss… Believe me. Please?


2010 april 5 [new release!]

Despite the late inactivity of the label, I’m still doing stuff. This time I’m giving you EAT RUST’s self-titled album, well, EAT RUST. It’s 5 tracks of improvised guitar music, from blues to drone, from noise rock to blues again. I’m releasing it as a promo 128 kbps mp3 so far, ’cause I’m planning on doing a physical release of it. Also, because my internet is acting up and it’s a pain uploading big files. AND HERE IT IS, mediafire so far. Get it while it’s hot!


2009 december 13 [new physical release!]

A milestone, yo! ESR is not a mere netlabel any more. The mice gave birth to a physical release: EAT RUST – Bastard sons of bastard fathers EP. CDr, limited to 7 copies, hand numbered, in DIY envelope (made from re-cycled German home-reading excercises), little yellow sticker (re-cycled), um, 10 tracks + 2 bonus tracks, all new songs, two more Rust-Kin ballads (4 & 5), etc… And check out the brand new Physical Releases section for details.


2009 november 14

Sorry for the recent nothing-ness. The ululating void sucked me in. Get ready for some future releases. In the meantime, check out ESR’s youtube channel. Right now it features an unreleased new Eat Rust track, Motherland (chaotic as hell), with puppet show DIY vid., a webcam show of me performing random improvised guitar madness. Solid gold. See ya soo.


2009 april 17 [new release!]

GENERAL MORAL’s new album, the Smell of People was released today. Get it here, on archive.org. It represents a shift in style and manner; while the first EP (General Moral is Mortal, esr015) was noisecore/grindcore, the Smell of People is twisted, fucked up repetitive noise. Get it while it’s HOT!

In other news, I’m working on a new website, with its own design: http://evilscientistrecords.tk/ (link broken). It looks kinda sucky, but I like it. Minimalist. The official site is still this, though. That’s WIP. Also, I made a myspace profile for ESR: here. WIP.


2009 april 5 [new release! (sorta)]

EAT RUST’s “Crimson” EP was released by this new netlabel, Primitive Communism Records [site/myspace]. You can download/listen here. It’s quite noisy!


2009 april 4

Updated the Artists section.


2009 march 30

Website revamped. Hooray. Catalogue and main page ready, the essential stuff. Some songs added to the Audio page. Lots of work left.


2009 march 23 [new release!]

New EAT RUST double album “The Dust/The Dirt” released. So far it can be downloaded from megaupload or mediafire or from the good ol’ and faithful archive.org (NEW 2009 april 8).

It features 56 minutes of brand new material, ranging from black to noise, from folk to doom. Soon to be uploaded to archive.org, hopefully. And maybe this will be the first ESR release to materialize in the shape of a physical CDr release.

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